Let me make it clear. I am not one of the people who is worried, but I see it in comments on Facebook and elsewhere. I am so old that I remember when JFK grabbed the bull my the horns and addressed concerns about the fact that he was a Roman Catholic. Because Ted often seeks out evangelical support and thanks God for his victories ( which is from a spiritual point of view entirely appropriate, in my book). He needs to explain to the non Ted Cruz fans who have been backing more establishment candidates that they have nothing to fear. Billy Graham or Max Lucado will not be calling the shots if he wins the Whitehouse. In one interview Heidi Cruz explained how her religious belief requires non interference by government in religion. Ted needs to go her one better and explain that our country, uniquely, brought the idea of freedom of religion to full bloom. The establishment clause is in the constitution because, when it was written, there was a government established religion in nearly every other country in the world. Our founders wanted to assure that there would never be an established church here. They wanted to assure that unlike Europe, the government would not be running the church. ( we may here remember that, to this day, the Queen of England bears the title of Defender of the Faith). That is, of course, not the same thing as forbidding voluntary religious expression by private people on public property or in the public square.