The Race Has Just Started

It takes 1272 delegates to win the nomination. Cruz is ahead in some states that vote later. My home state, Californis, votes so late, in June, that the nomination is most often locked up before we vote. Maybe this year it will be different. California gets 172 delegates. It is a winner take all state. In the last poll taken here, acField poll taken in December of 2015, Cruz was the front runner. Ahead of Donald Trump and ahead of Marco Rubio. It is a closed primary. One can speculate as to why he leads, but Republican primary voters in California tend to be conservative. By all reports Cruz has the money to hold on until states like Californis, Texas and Arkansas, all states where he is ahead, cast their ballots. Cruz is and will be a target for both the establishment and the populists for the entire race. But his steady demeanor and persuasive arguments eventually draw people to him. This is a very serious fight. Ted Cruz isn’t a shouter or a name caller. He’s not a guy who relies on charm. He’s a guy who cares passionately about freedom. And a guy who knows that our constitution is meant to be a protector of our liberty. Most important, he is a man who understands power and its limits.