Stop whining about Iowa

Full disclosure:I have been a Cruz fan from the beginning. My two favorites were Cruz and Jindal because I am something of a nerd lover. I really liked Dr Carson but had some qualms about his lack of political experience. After Iowa, however, I think he’s starting to look like a major cry baby who puts his own vanity before the welfare of his party and his country. None of us can afford to do that. Whether or not he intends it, his pouting over what Ted Cruz partisans said in Iowa, which probably had no effect on the results, gives ammunition to two sets of peopkevDr, Carson claims to want to defeat– The establishment RINOS and the Democrats. It is a true non-story. Those who are using it are using it for one purpose– to hurt Ted Cruz. Dr. Carson is not going to bring back his own success by dwelling on it.  He looks petty and mean “accepting” an apology and then returning to the issue again and again.

Grown ups don’t behave that way. Every candidate, including Cruz, has had a lot of criticism and unfair tactics to deal with. How they deal with the rough and tumble tells a lot about their ability to deal with pressure. By that measure, Dr. Carson does not look good at all