Coming to your computer as soon as you click on this link, Fathead, the movie never went into wide release like Supersize Me, but it is way smarter and much funnier.  You can see it on your own computer and well worth watching.  Our hero, Tom Naughton, sets out to explore the premise of Supersize Me.  He stands outside a Mc Donald’s for several hours and nobody forces him to come in.  He then embarks on an experiment– eating all of his meals at Mc Donald’s for 30 days– to see how it affects his health.  I’ll spare you the details.  Naughton, a man after my own low carb heart, eats regular Mc Donald’s food except he orders a Diet Coke ( who knew you could do that– okay that was sarcastic)  and NO french fries.  To the great confusion of a Mc Donald’s employee, he inquires as to whether she has ever forced anyone to take the fries.  At the end of the month (SPOILER ALERT)  He has actually lost weight and has lowered his cholesterol.

This movie takes on several modern liberal lies– one that we have to be protected from big bad business and two — that fat is bad for you.  He interviews several low carb gurus like Drs.Michael and  Mary Dan Eades, Gary Taubes and others and talks about how the low fat scheme to government is constantly trying to push on us is actually making us fat.  He also talks about consumer freedom of choice.  Great documentary.  Watch it.  Recommend it to your friends.  Whatever your dietary preferences I suspect you will agree with his belief that the government has no place in the debate.