A New Perspective on Establishment Palin Derangement Syndrome

In some ways, the hatred of liberal bloggers for Sarah Palin is more easily understood than that of the establishment elites.  She is, pretty much, the new flavor du jour.  They have pretty much run out of any enthusiasm for bashing Bush now that he is out of office.  It’s all recycled and kind of yesterday.  Bachmann, Cantor and others get their share but their name recognition is not really high enough to get any bank for the buck.  So Palin satisfies their sick psychological need to hate someone.  But the elites are supposed to be smarter and more calculating.  And indeed they are.  AFter seeing The Undefeated (which I highly recommend), I understand more clearly that elites of both parties, the power players, the people whose corruption and dominance were so entrenched that they called themselves The Corrupt Bastards Club, hate her in a kind of Don Corleone way.  People on both sides of the aisle went to jail and they see Palin as the reason, rather than their own corruption.  This little no name upstart defeated a sitting Republican governor, but calls herself a Republican.  I think the deep seething rage comes from understanding, as Bannon and Breitbart do, that Palin is an existential threat to the Establishment Elites.  And the word “existential” in that context is not about philosophy but about whether they will continue to exist.  They call her an idiot because she is not smart enough to buy into the payoffs that they have garnered from they system.  They call her Caribou Barbie because she has made it clear in the past that she will not play into the game of lying to voters while lining her pockets.  It was a club and she broke it up.  They can never forgive her for that.  And the unnamed corrupt bastards clubs around the nation are just as threatened by her.  And it isn’t a threat to their esteem or their manhood, or some cultural understanding.   It is a threat to their positions of power and influence and their money that they see in Sarah Palin.   They are right to fear her.  She does intend to make them publicly accountable.  Thank God.