Sarah Palin and Bunker Hill

Palin just recently visited Bunker Hill, the site of an historic battle. Here is Thomas Flemings brief account.  It was a pyrrhic victory for the British.  The saying, “don’t fire until you see the whites of there eyes” is thought to have originated from an American commander at that battle.  The Americans had limited ammunition and powder.  The commander was telling them to save it until it had a chance to do some good.  While the Americans lost the battle, they won the war.  The Battle of Bunker Hill was the real beginning of the war.

Some people, me included, wish Palin would announce so that the uncertainty of a Palin candidacy would be over.  But timing is everything when you have limited resources.  I suspect that Palin has taken away several lessons from Bunker Hill, including the need to wait until the time is right no matter how much you want to get the battle on.