Ballot Integrity 2012

We can just about plan on Democrat dirty tricks for 2012.  See this story re: Harmer McInerny So.  What we need to realize re:  poll watching is that the time to steal an election is after the polls close.  It can be done by a) disposing of or ruining your opponents ballots, b) voting for people who didn’t show up at the polls to vote.  We also need to have a Get Out the Vote plan in place nationwide.  That’s how Harry Reid won.  The Unions bussed in the votes.  Probably legal.  Probably swung the election for him.  I have not seen any noticeably sophisticated GOTV in the GOP out west.  Because of the number of independents, we need to identify our voters before election day, and make sure that they vote. Democrats vote whole nursing homes and community care centers.  We need to take that on. We need to take on the large number of absentee ballots illegally cast That can be done before election day.  It is by these devices that Democrats eke out wins where they were previously losing.  We need to force local registrars to enforce laws allowing only a relative or friend to deliver an absentee ballot and prevent mass voting of absentee ballots y nursing home operators and Democratic operatives.  As we have seen in this election cycle, those 3000 or so votes in a district can make the difference between winning and losing.  Remember that business owners are not necessarily conservative.  Many are nearly completely dependent on government revenues ( such as nursing home operators) for their income.  A really solid GOTV and ballot integrity organization takes a while to build.  We need to start now.