Boxer cost Californians 40,000 jobs

This is the ad Carly should be running.  The Dems have gained a lot of traction over layoffs at Hewlett Packard when Carly was boss and E=bay when Meg was boss.  Reps need to fight fire with fire.  Boxer’s refusal to help the central valley of California turn the water back on has put 40,000 farm workers, the majority of whom are Hispanic, out of work.  For those not familiar with the issue, the EPA has drastically cut the amount of water going into the Central Valley of California in order , it says, to preserve a 3 inch fish, the Delta Smelt.  California farming relies on water for irrigation.  The water is the snow runoff of the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains and is more than enough for farming. Jim De Mint in South Carolina sponsored legislation to force the feds to turn the water back on. Barbara Boxer of California voted against it.  As a result farming has been cut back.  Almond and other fruit and nut trees are dying.  Whole areas of once productive land have gone back to desert.  And 40,000 farm workers, most of whom are Hispanic, are out of work.  This is he picture we should be seeing in Fiorina ads.  They should end with this question, when your job is on the line, will Boxer vote for you or the fish?