Sarah is Right in Endorsing Carly

For those who are wondering why Sarah Palin would endorse Carly Fiorina take a look at this poll. The bottom line is that Chuck De Vore has had six months to make his case to California Republicans and he hasn’t done it.  Tom Campbell, who is to the left of Carly, drops into the race at the last minute and becomes the front runner.  Put Fiorina’s and Devore’s votes together and Fiorina can win the primary.  In California, truthfully, a Palin endorsement is probably not much help in the general election, but Fiorina has to win the primary first.  The hope in the Fiorina camp is undoubtedly that she can do that with Palin’s help.  From Palin’s perspective, this is about helping a less bad candidate beat a bad candidate.  Read Palin’s  facebook post on her endorsement.   She says “I support Carly as she fights through a tough primary against a liberal member of the GOP who seems to bear almost no difference to Boxer, one of the most leftwing members of the Senate.”  She isn’t referring to Devore in that sentence, she is referring to Campbell.  Sometimes real life offers us a choice between worst, bad, and less bad.  At this point the idea that Palin could have turned the third place single digit polling (in some polls) Devore into the first place winner doesn’t look good this late in the game.  Will you get everything you want if Carly wins?  No.  Will you get better than Tom Campbell?  I think so.  Campbell is pro gay marriage and pro abortion.  He has also been accused of having very close ties to Muslim extremists and of numerous anti-Israel votes:  So, on election day Republican voters will have to ask themselves– what’s more important:  defeating Tom Campbell or casting a vote for a real conservative.  Sheepish me.  I’m voting for Fiorina.