What, Exactly, was passed?/

All the news reports say an amended health care bill was passed.  But if it contains language that was not voted on by the Senate, it cannot become a law, so doesn’t that mean that the Senate Bill Was passed and all the “amendments” are just a bunch of promises that won’t be kept?  Doesn’t that meant that the “cornhusker kickback” is still in the bill?   And what about the requirement for the states to raise their medicaid spending?  Isn’t that still in the bill?  California is already as close to bankruptcy as you can get when you can’t file for bankrutptcy.  How are the states, which are already hurting financially going to pay for what is mandated.  Now that something has passed, isn’t our best strategy to focus on what exactly passed, what changes are going to be made to the law and then, for example, starting a guerilla warfare in the state legislatures over the increased state taxes that will be necessary to pay for the increased funding mandated by congress?  The Democrat plan was to get all of their unpleasant Anti-American legislation passed by June so that they can believe that the voters will have forgotten it by November.  Immigration is next so that they can have 12 million new Democrat votes by 2012.  And Cap and Tax will be resurrected with the help of that idiot, Lindsay Graham.

This victory will only whet their appetites.  And, oh, by the way, the amendments to the Senate Bill, which contain all the promises made to get the bill passed in the house,  will never pass both houses.  There will be a few lame apologies to people who sold out for a promise.  But they have the bill they want.  And they have rallied the Democrats like the students at a football rally.  They, Rahm Emmanuel, the President, Pelosi, all the other socialists, they are not going to let this spirit go to waste.  They are going to go after their other big “reforms” too.  Because once they have them they will use your and my tax payer money to buy all the votes they need to stay in power in the long run.

This is where the conservative leadership has missed the strategy.  Conservatives kept dissing the stimulus bill because the spending didn’t kick in until 2010.  But that was exactly the point.  Our highways will be dotted with signs come November saying “this project is funded by the American Recovery Act”.  Acorn, in whatever reconstituted form will still be funded by our taxpayer dollars as will the whole left wing.  So long as they keep making us pay the bill for their side’s campaign as well as our own, we are going to lose in the long run.  That’s the Andy Stern, George Soros, Rahm Emmanuel plan.  NOt fair?  You think they care?  Right now we are wringing our hands and vowing revenge, but I can’t find a single story that highlights exactly what was really passed.  We need to stop wringing our hands and start doing the hard work and planning and plotting that the left has been doing for, literally, a hundred years.