FOIA-- an Important Weapon for the Political Guerilla

The left has long used both STate and Federal Freedom of Information Act  requests as a weapon of political warfare.  We need to learn to do the same.  The Climate Skeptics have done so to good effect.  OUr best weapon to stop the massive government spending is to find out who is getting the money and make the connection, through Federal Election Commission and State Election Commission reporting of contributions.  We need, for example, to find out who is getting all of the community organizing grants.  We need to find out who has been getting all of the health care study grants and much much more.  We need to challenge the multimillion dollar grants to organizations that do nothing useful with the money but hire all their friends.

The Climate skeptics filed FOIA requests for the raw data and information relating to the data that supposedly showed global warming and were hit with a stone wall.  They have filed suit and are getting some of the data which is allowing them to tear apart the theory.  We need to do the same in a hundred other fields.  And, while lawsuits may be expensive, FOIA requests are cheap.  We need to know who are the beneficiaries of all this government spending.