Is Tom Campbell Carly in Drag?

Ever willing to back anyone who can beat Boxer, I went to the intrepid Tom Campbell’s Web site and then did some research on the web.  OOOPs.  Yes he is a fiscal conservative.  He gets points for that.  But, He reportedly supported California’s Carbon tax and cap program often referred to as Assembly Bill 32, He supports same sex marriage, although he opposes having it imposed by the courts, and he is in favor of raising taxes to balance the budget.

So far, Carly’s stated positions on these issues are better than Tom’s.  She backed off the Cap and tax position, apparently acknowledging that the science is not settled.

Then there is his position on Jihad and the Middle East.  Some commenters say he is a big supporter of CAIR.  And more important, they say CAIR supports him.

Campbell is way ahead of Fiorina and Devore in the early polls after his switch to the Senate race from the Governor’s race.  On this issue, he and Fiorina differ.  Fiorina isn’t friends with CAIR.