Not Time to Declare Victory and Go Home

Listening to some of the conservative pundits proclaim the Democratic party dead or dying, makes me think that they are living in a fantasy world that is parallel to the one that the Democratic party is living in .  They still have 59 senators, a vast majority of the congress, control About half of all state legislatures. What happened in Massachusetts is, we hope, a precursor of good things to come.  We are right to celebrate winning a key battle.  It is, however, like the battle of Gettysburg, a turning point.  An important one.  But think about it.  At Gettysburg the South had invaded the north and reached all the way to the middle of Pennsylvania.  There was a long way, and a great deal of fighting, to win the war.

We still have a long way to go, and we can take the Massachusetts Miracle as an encouraging sign that we are likely to win more, but it is way too soon to think the at the Democratic party is yet in trouble.  They have plenty of time to mend their ways.  Remember Bill Clinton. After the 1994 catastrophe for his party,  he was re-elected and had 8 years in office partly thanks to Ross Perot and partly thanks to the inability of the Republican party to unify itself and pick a strong candidate.  Enough said.