I'm Tired of Liberals Who Make Fun of Seasoned Citizens Who Want to Keep Their Medicare Benefits

I am truly, deeply, severely, ummm. P….No, I mean angry, at the fatuous liberals who make fun of Senior Citizens  who simultaneously oppose Medicare cuts and Obamacare.  Okay you ungrateful ignoramuses.  Lesson One from a seasoned citizen.  I have paid a Medicare tax on my earnings for 45 years.  I didn’t have any choice about it.  It wasn’t voluntary.  I wasn’t given the option of depositing that money into a Health Savings account or using it to buy a private insurance policy.  It was taken from me.  It is still being taken from me because I am still working.

Lesson two.  The promise was made when this tax was instituted that it would be treated like insurance.  I would pay for 45 years, but then I would be eligible for medical care when I reached 65.

Lesson three.  The difference between the promises your government makes when it takes your money and the promises that insurance companies make when they take your money is that the promises the insurance company makes are legally enforceable, while, if you dare to even remind the liberal ingrates who are running the government now, that a promise was made to you, you are treated like a senile welfare applicant.

And, oh, by the way, your suggestion that I am suffering from senile dementia because I disagree with you is prima facie proof of your bigoted and condescending attitude toward those who took care of you for most of your life.