Great SCOTUS Decision:Citizens United v. FEC

I haven’t read the whole decision yet, but the summary provided by the National Journal looks to be sweeping and great.  This is the case where a non-profit corporation made a not very flattering movie about Hilary Clinton and tried to sell it on DVD.  SCOTUS has stricken the provisions of the Mc Cain Feingold bill which prohibit corporations from funding political speech.  They left intact provisions which forbid direct contributions to candidate’s campaigns.  This is a great development which returns power to individuals who are not rich.  Increasingly, under a variety of state and federal political speech restrictions, the right of individuals to publish political statements has been increasing restricted By requirements that they file papers with the FEC and a host of state agencies.  And filing the papers is just the beginning.  All sorts of reports and accountings also have to be filed.  This decision opens up the non-profit corporation as a way that ordinary citizens can unite and pool their resources to publish their point of view.