Martha Coakley Threatens Little Old Ladies

In her most recent show of sensitivity to the people she is supposed to represent Ms. Coakley sent out a bunch of garden clubs in her state demanding that the garden clubs all file tax returns for the last 4 years no later than February 4.  Read the story here.  The clubs raise money and spend it to, among other things, maintain traffic medians and do the other stuff that garden clubs do.  She thinks that the members need transparency and to know how their $5,000 a year in total contributions (or less) are being spent.

This carries on Coakley’s tradition of threatening the law abiding people who try to take care of the needs of others, and confirms the suspicions of some that she is secretly a robot.  For some reason she doesn’t  understand why some of the people who received the threatening letters are not going to be voting for her.