Martha Coakley and the Fells Acre Day Care Case

I hope that someone, in addition to Ann Coulter, will bring up Martha Coakley‘s connection to the Fells Acre Daycare case.  The entire family spent decades behind bars for crimes that they almost certainly did not commit.  Martha Coakley was part of the decision making apparatus.  Katha Pollitt, hardly a conservative, compared their convictions to the Salem Witch trials.  In July of 2001, the Massachusetts Parole Board, long after the fact, and expressing some doubts as to whether Gerald Amirault, the defendant who received the longest sentence was actually guilty of raping and torturing children in his care voted unanimously to recommend commutation of Amirault’s sentence to Time served.  Long after the hysteria which swept this country in the 80’s which incarcerated hundreds of innocent daycare workers on the coerced testimony of children, Coakley orchestrated a public outcry against the commutation of Amirault’s sentence.  Because of Coakley, inter alia, Amirault’s request was denied and he was not released until 2004 and continued to be treated as a level 3 sex offender.  The story has also been picked up by Newsbusters.

The woman has made a name for herself in phony prosecutions involving children.  She became famous with the Louise Woodward case involving shaken baby syndrome.  Another pseudo scientific claim.  It now appears that there is very little evidence supporting the claims made in those cases.  Newly charged defendants have pointed to the almost complete lack of objective findings supporting the pseudo scientific expert claims made against them.

Coakley presents the very example of the banality of evil.  She doesn’t operate with the intention of ruining the lives of innocent daycare workers, she just wants to promote herself, and if that can be accomplished By ruining their lives, well then, she will do it.  She doesn’t care if they are innocent or guilty and she apparently operates so fully in the pursuit of her own goals that the harm she inflicts is meaningless to her.

She should not be holding any public office.