Getting Rid of Boring Exhibits at the Zoo

I work with a diverse mix of people on a daily basis, and just this morning I was confronted by a co-worker of mine who was complaining that the Republicans don’t care about this country. President Obama is trying to help people by providing them affordable healthcare but the mean, evil, nasty Republicans are not coming to the table. They are instead voicing TOTAL opposition. This got me thinking: The vote on healthcare reform has been almost strictly divided by party lines which means that the Democrats are unbudging in their support (well not recenlty) and the Republicans are staunch in their opposition. There can be only two reasons for this.

  • Reason 1: They both believe that their posisition as majority/minority party makes their vote a political tool for harming the other party and securing re-election. or,
  • Reason 2: Each party believes that they are right.

It has become clear to me that the Democrats are using healthcare reform as a political tool. This has been one of the cheif political goals of the libs for well over 30 years, with multiple presidents and congresses trying unsuccessfully to achieve their coveted reform. Obama has made it clear that he is going to try and shake things up in Washington and has staked his reputation on this flagship program. With embarrassments like New Jersey, Virgina, the Chicago Olympics, the Nobel Prize, and now Massachusetts, Obama has no choice but to actually deliver on a promise instead of setting himself up to lose another battle.

Now Republicans on the other hand seem unwilling to negotiate for the most part because they have the exact oppostie viewpoint. We view this bill as not being a step in the right direction, but as ultimatly an extremely dangerous reform measure that threattenes to ruin the system entirely rather than fix it. The experiment with universal healthcare in Mass. has not been used as a shining example of success on this topic for one clear reason. It is not a success, the program has hiked taxes and is in danger of going bankrupt, the people of Massachusetts do not like this program and it does not provide quality affordable prompt healthcare. The people of Massachusetts told us this themselves by voting against Obama’s efforts to bring universal healthcare (or as close as Republicans would let him get) to the rest of the country by electing Scott Brown. There is no reason for Republicans to cooperate, because this is not just a political tool to use in 2010 and 2012, but it is a very real assault on our free market and our personal liberties. Staunch and total opposition is the only course of action and thats why we need to rid the party of the RINOs. People like John “lets make a deal” McCain, and Olympia Snowe, and up untill recently Arlen Spector value progress and openness, and cooperation more than they do the basic conservative principles of small government and minimal interference. It does us no good to achieve a Republican majority in congress if our Republicans are willing to shirk their beliefes in the name of consensus. Up-and-commers like Sarah Palin need to understand that in the war of ideas comprimise means that everyone loses and we should not back tained Republican encumbants for the sake of preserving a seat. We need to back true conservatives like Marco Rubio, and send a message to the country that says that we have ALWAYS been the party of ideas, we have ALWAYS been the party of fiscal responsability, and we WILL NOT be the party of comprimise that the people like my co-worker and the MSM want us to be. So in the political zoo the RINOs are one exhibit that i’m eager to skip.