Missing the Point Entirely

From the beginning of Barack Obama’s campaign for the Presidency of the United States his approach to public relations and his tactics have relied heavily on misinterpretation of statistics, misrepresentation of economics, and outright lies. His representation of the catastrophic 1Trillion dollar stimulus plan is characteristic of the arrogance and total disregard for his charge as President of the United States. Tantamount to that representation was the Recovery Act under which his brilliant strategists came up with the plan to claim a fictional number of jobs saved by the bailout. This statistic struck a chord with the American public because most of us have had the utmost concern for rising unemployment rates. The plan was genius for two reasons, first of all it is a PR dream, you can have every employed person in America proud that their President has saved them from unemployment. It is also genius because it is a completely and utterly improvable statistic. The government doesn’t have the capability to accurately report jobs created (i.e. www.recovery.gov) so how do they proport to have the ability to track jobs not destroyed.

Why then does Robert Gibbs come out and make a statement like: “Well, Chris, let’s take for instance the example you just used of the stimulus package. We had four quarters of economic regression in terms of growth, right? Just last quarter, we finally saw the first positive economic job growth in more than a year. Largely as a result of the recovery plan that’s put money back into our economy, that saved or created 1.5 million jobs.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0110/31914.html#ixzz0dfTyhsWe

Here comes the economic misrepresentation. The Obama administration has wrapped one of their greatest scams on the American people into one of their chief policy initiatives. Gibbs is looking at the economy like there are only two categories, lost or created. In his argument each saved job is counted twice. He claims that saved jobs add to the economy, but by definition jobs that are saved are already part of our economic output. To claim that they increase output is downright wrong, saved merely means that they are not subtracted, which is much different than jobs added. Saved jobs are accurately reflected in our current unemployment rate. So under this interpretation, Gibbs and Obama can take credit for %100 of the currently employed. Saving jobs will not EVER by themselves contribute to economic growth. Gibbs can lie about statistics all he wants, but pure numbers never lie. In order to contribute to economic growth you actually need to produce something. And production is not something that the Obama administration can claim with any credibility.

So when you crunch the numbers, Obama has cost the American people well over 1 Trillion Dollars and the return on our investment is not looking good.

The good news is that Republicans are finally responding the way we’ve been needing them to since the Clinton era.  In his speech about the stimulus bill Mike Pence hammered Obama, not on empty rhetoric, but on the truth.

“In February, this Democratic Congress passed a $1 trillion stimulus bill and the results are starting to come in. There have been 1.96 million jobs lost since the stimulus bill was signed. Unemployment was 12.4 million, it’s 14.7 million today. The unemployment rate was 7.5 percent; it’s 9.5 percent today, the highest in 26 years. And remarkably, the President last week said that the recovery bill had ‘done its job.’ Done its job?”

Eric Cantor echoed those sentiments in his speech during open debate on the stimulus bill, he noted that the governments efforts should be “focused like a laser” on job creation and protection, the same two categories that Robert Gibbs clams resounding success, but he goes on to say that on those two categories the stimulus bill represents “a fundamental dereliction of duty on the part of the majority [Democrats]”

Another and perhaps the most ludicrous claim by the press secretary (and Obama himself) is that the upset in Massachusetts was NOT a referendum on the healthcare bill and Obama’s tenure in office. Well… to that I say, go ahead and continue missing the point, like Napoleon said : Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.