PA Legislators Consider Harmful Health Care Changes

The bad news on ObamaCare just keeps rolling in. Just today we read about how the Congressional Budget Office predicts that ObamaCare will mean 2 million fewer workers in the labor market by 2017. Millions of Americans have already lost their health insurance or are experiencing higher premiums, many others haven’t signed up at all due to President Obama’s flawed health care law. ObamaCare has shown Americans what happens when the government oversteps its bounds in the health care marketplace.

Yet that is exactly what some Republican legislators are doing in Pennsylvania. They have teamed up with the SEIU to push legislation that could have a similar effect for PA residents and some are already saying is a model for other states.

It baffles me why Republican lawmakers would use their authority to choose big-government policies over free-market principles.  To learn more about their actions, read my latest op-ed in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review here.

To take action, you can contact the Republican Representatives who have cosponsored this overreach by clicking on the names below.

H.B. 1621:

H.B. 1622: