Five Stupid Things States Are Doing on Health Care

Eighty percent of Americans were happy with their health care coverage before President Obama and Congressional Democrats overhauled the system.  Now, as a result, 80 million Americans or more could lose their employer sponsored coverage.   But as we watch ObamaCare implode in the national spotlight, Americans for Job Security is also paying attention to what is happening in states across the country.  In that vein, take a look at five of the stupidest things that states are doing on health care:

1)     Oregon: If you think the botched rollout of healthcare.gov is bad, take a look at Cover Oregon.  Problems with the state’s online exchange website have been dominating national headlines.  Reports indicate it might not be functional until mid-December, and not a single person has been able to enroll online.

2)     Pennsylvania: A Republican State Representative, Jim Christiana, has introduced legislation with one of the state’s most liberal Representatives to further interject the government into health care.  The legislation also has the backing of liberal special interest groups and unions.

3)     Hawaii: After a paltry 574 Hawaiians have signed up for ObamaCare at $348,000 per person, the executive director of Hawaii’s ObamaCare health insurance marketplace has resigned.  She is the first marketplace director to resign.

4)     Ohio: Following strong voices of dissension from the Republican-led Ohio General Assembly and grassroots conservatives, Governor John Kasich, a Republican, chose to sidestep the legislative approval process in order to ram through a dramatic expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  He even attributed his action to a calling from the big guy upstairs.

5)     Vermont: As if Obamacare were not a disaster enough, Vermont legislators have decided to take it a step further. Lead by Gov. Shumlin, a rising star for liberals nationally, the state will implement a universal health insurance system by 2017, something the Associated Press described as “a sort of modified Medicare-for-all.” It goes without saying that we know how this will end.

It goes without saying that opposition to Obamacare should be a priority nationally but there is also a lot of bad things going on at the state level that could have serious negative implications.

Stephen DeMaura is President of Americans for Job Security.