AJS Brings Inflatable Rat to National Labor Relations Board

Earlier today Americans for Job Security placed a large inflatable rat outside the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) headquarters in Washington, D.C.  The effort was planned to coincide with the NLRB’s hearing regarding “quickie” union elections, and shed light on the agency’s recent decision allowing union bosses to employ intimidation tactics in labor disputes.

With a crippling unemployment rate of 9.2 percent and millions more out of the work force or underemployed it is not the time to intimidate, handicap or attempt to manipulate small business owners. The NLRB’s recent approval of intimidation tactics, their efforts to kill new jobs in South Carolina and now their attempts to expedite union elections are proof positive that they favor union bosses over workers, job creators and business. President Obama’s so-called ‘independent’ NLRB is seeking to penalize and marginalize small businesses, our nation’s job creators, in order to push the pro-union agenda. America’s unemployed simply can’t afford their tactics any longer.

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