Maxed Out

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The United States government is set to run out of money by August 2. For decades politicians have overspent and increased our debt limit with hardly a second thought, but now our country is at the brink.

Overspending and an unsustainable debt load have shaken the foundations of our economy and created uncertainty in the markets. It is uncertainty that disincentives job creators from expanding their workforce and reducing the countries unemployment rate.  It is uncertainty that dissuades the stock market to rise.  It is uncertainty that is created when the United States continues to incur $40,000 in new debt every second, while Washington refuses to make the tough decisions necessary to cut the size and cost of government.

President Obama and his allies in Congress are ducking and hiding from making any real decisions about a reduction in spending and instead are urging that we increase the debt ceiling by another $2.5 to $4.5 trillion.

America’s credit cards are maxed out.  Standard and Poor’s – one of the agencies which rate the ability of a sovereign nation to repay its debts – has already lowered its outlook for America’s long-term credit rating from “stable” to “negative,” increasing the chances that the U.S. could lose its AAA bond rating in the next two years, if actions aren’t taken to lower the deficit.

Americans for Job Security has created a short video which explain our debt problem- be sure to watch it, share it and spread the message.

Enough is enough- we must send a message to President Obama and Congress that we are fed up. Join AJS in telling them not to increase the debt ceiling- and that its time to finally get spending under control.

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If we allow the Obama administration and some Members of Congress to get what they want- another line of job-killing credit without correcting the frivolous spending that led our nation down this road- the U.S. will continue to see high unemployment and stagnant job growth.

Join AJS in telling President Obama and Congress not to increase the debt ceiling- fix the government’s spending problems!

Many in Washington are more concerned with their political future than the economic opportunities future generations of Americans will inherit.

American taxpayers cannot afford another line of credit without making fundamental changes to the way we spend money.  There is no uncertainty about it:  raising the debt ceiling without significant short- and long-term spending cuts will kill jobs and continue to weaken the American dream.