I think Congress owes us an apology!

I have been watching and listening to all of the outrage and anger about AIG and the more I hear the angrier I get with our Representatives and Senators.  I totally agree that these bonuses were a bad idea however AIG let Congress know about them a long time ago why are they outraged now?  Most of the Democratics and 3 Republicans voted for the stimulus bill that contained the amendment to allow these bonuses so why are they outraged now?  We keep hearing we didn’t know it was in there.  Who’s fault is that, AIG’s or theirs?  Our Representatives and Senators chose not to take the time to make sure they knew what this bill had in it.  Why should the American public be mad at AIG for doing what the government said was ok with them?  Each elected official who did not do their jobs should be ashamed of the fact that they betrayed each and every citizen by not reading this before they voted.  If they had signed a contract without reading it they would still be bound by that contract this is no different than that.  Ignorance of a law is no defense in court it has no defense here.  Their job is to protect the interest of the American people and they were grossly negeligent in doing this.  I’m waiting for the next thing to come out that they will all cry about because they did not know.  As a matter of fact I heard somewhere and I’m not sure how true it is but Fanny Mae and Freddy both have these same kind of bonuses that are going to be paid out soon.  I certainly hope that we won’t have to go through this again with them.  THE BLAME BELONGS TO CONGRESS AND THEY SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO US INSTEAD OF TRYING TO PASS THE BUCK.