I was so excited when I was told St Bernard Project would be on CNN

However Anderson Cooper really needs to learn to read a map.  St Bernard project is not rebuilding houses in New Orleans.  Project St Bernard is rebuilding houses in St. Bernard Parish.  Contrary to popular belief New Orleans does not cover all of  Southeastern Louisiana.  It is so frustrating that anytime Katrina is mentioned the only city you hear about is New Orleans.  St Bernard Parish was completely wiped out.  100% of buildings in St Bernard Parish were wiped out by flood waters.  The French Quarter recieved only 18 inches of water my house in Violet,Louisiana in St Bernard Parish recieved 9 feet of water.  Lower Plaquamines Parish was also completely wiped out.  Bay St. Louis was also devestated by this storm.  However New Orleans that recieved damage to only a small percentage of it areas gets all the press.  Even when the news organizations are in St Bernard Parish filming like Anderson Cooper is as I type this he says he is reporting from New Orleans.  Now we share a border with New Orleans we are not New Orleans.  Anyone who has any civic pride in their hometown should be able to understand where I’m coming from.  How would you feel if anytime something happened in your hometown it was referred to as the nearest big city?  It’s enough to make you scream.

Now I want to give praise to Project St Bernard and the volunteers that come in from all over.  At this time Project St Bernard is rebuilding my home.  I have had volunteers from Atlanta, New York,and Alaska just to name a few.  Last week we had kids from Duke and the  University of North Carolina.  This week we have a group from Cornell.  Each and every one of these volunteers has blessed my family by coming here to help us.  If it weren’t for Project St Bernard my home would just be a cement slab.