I found these three bills that have been introduced in the House

The first was introduced by Walter B. Jones (NC-3). It is H.R.24 introduced 1/06/2009 named the Dept of Navy to Dept of Navy and Marine Corp.  This bill wants to change the Department of the Navy’s name to the Department of the Navy and Marine Corp.  It would mean that wherever the name “Dept of Navy” is it would have to be changed.   It’s not that big of a deal until you start thinking of the cost such a bill would run up.  With no disrespect to Marines active, reserve or retired I think this is not something we need to be doing right now.  We are already spending money we don’t have. Not to mention the amount of paper and such that would be wasted I don’t think the enviromentalist would approve.

The next is H.R.40 introduced on 2/09/2009 by John Conyers called the Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act.  This bill is to study the effect slavary had when it was legal and what effect it is still having on African-Americans today.  Now I don’t know of anyone who belives that slavery is or was a good thing.  I also don’t know of anyone in the United States who owns slaves since it has been illegal for a very long time.  I don’t think that anyone who owned slaves or was a slave is still alive.  The result of slavery to this day as I see it is that there are hundreds of thousands of African-Americans that are not living in huts in Kenya.  They did not starve to death in Ethiopia.  They did not suffer under Aparthied in South Africa or suffer any of the other horrible things that have been reported out of Africa.

Finally is H.R. 45 introduced 1/06/2009 by Bobby L. Rush (IL-1)  called the Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009.  This bill will require anyone who manufactures, sells or purchases a handgun or any semi-automatic firearm that can accept any detachable ammo feeding device have a license.  It will be just like a driver’s license.  You will be required to take classes and pass tests.  There will be records of what guns you have purchased and when.  You will be forbidden from selling your gun to anyone who does not have a license.  The exception to the bill is antiques.  It seems to me that they are not even trying to hide the idea of gun registration anymore.  Take this as a shot across the bow of our second amendment rights.