H.R. 15 submitted on 1/6/2009

by Rep. John D. Dingall (D. MI-15) titled “National Health Insurance Act”.  It seems the Dems aren’t letting any grass grow under their feet.  This bill sets up the National Health Care Trust Fund.

Under Section 102(c) it says—

Recommendations- The board shall have the duty of–

(1) studying and making recommentations as to needed services and facilities for the care of the chronic sick afflicted with physical ailments and for the care of individuals afflicted with mental or nervous disorders, and as to needed provisions for the prevention of chronic physical dieases and of mental or nervous diseases and

(2) making reports from time to time with recommendations as to legislation, but the first such report shall be made not later them two years after benefits under this Act first become available.

Under Sec. 104  Eligibility for benefits  it states that people will be eligible for this is they have recieved not less then $2000 in wages during the first four of the last six calander quarters.

Please if I am reading this wrong let me know but it looks like they are pushing for government run health care quickly.  There has been no activity as of this morning since it was introduced so we have time to let our voices be heard.