I have to vent

Why is it necessary for President Obama to fly to Denver today to sign a bill that no one has read. Isn’t that what the Oval Office is for?   In a time which we have been told by the President that the economy is worst since the Great Depression ( where was he during the 70’s and early 80’s: I don’t know) why is he flying all over the place?  I tried to search the internet for a list of trips he has taken since becoming President and couldn’t find one so I’ll have to go by memory.  I know he has gone to Florida, Indiana, Chicago, and now Denver in just the last couple of weeks.

I don’t know about you but I am getting real tired of this do as I say not as I do attitude in Washington.  They come down on CEO’s for having coroporate jets and then turn around and fly all over the place in theirs.  They even flew a Senator from his/her mother’s funeral in for a couple of hours to vote for a bill the Senator hadn’t even read.  But the American taxpayers are the ones who have to tighten their belts?

Tell you what when they start taking commercial flights (I understand the President can’t, but he can choose to limit those trips.  I don’t think anyone would mind meeting in the White House)  then they can complaign about what everyone else is doing.

I know this is asking for the moon but wouldn’t it be nice for our elected officials to lead by example?  Here’s an idea you want us to tighten our belts tighten yours first.  You want CEO’s and companies to take pay cuts? You first!  You are all rich anyway why do you need our money?  Pay for your own health insurance again you are rich why take from hard-working citizens you are supposed to be representing.  Take care of your own retirement we have a hard enough time taking care of our own.  You won’t be the senior citizens rationing their medicine or choosing between what to buy ,food or medicine.

You are supposed to be public servants! So start serving the public.  All of it not just the ones who got you elected.  Get the lobbyists out of Washington if they want your attention then they should have to get it the same way everyone else does.  Not that you listened to any of us when we lit up your phone lines trying to get you to get rid of the garbage in the stimulus bill.

You want us to conserve energy?  You first!  President Obama put on a sweater like the rest of us.  Oh and a Cadillac is not the most energy efficient vechicle out there either.

Also stop trying to silence the people who don’t agree with you.  For eight years we heard that dissent was patriotic now all of a sudden we are supposed to shut up.  There is a reason for the First Amendment.  And on that note there is nothing wrong with our Constitution keep your hands off of it and learn what it says and abide by those rules they have served us very well.

And leave the second amendment alone to.  Remember guns don’t kill people ;people kill people.  If we follow your thinking on this we have to outlaw: knives,bows and arrows, baseball bats, tire irons, any pest control product, screw drivers, ice picks, anything that plugs into a wall, pillows, saran wrap, garbage bags, lamps, trophies or any type of award that has any weight to it, any type of hard wood plank, fire, water,liquer,medicine, certain types of house plants, automobiles, and motorcycles.  Feel free to add to the list.

Thanks for letting me vent.