Barack Obama - The "Dial In" President

Reading the mainstream media reports of the President’s actions one wonders how they do it. “Do what?” you ask? How they make it sound like he has a personality and cares about anything.

“Obama slams Arizona law as ‘misguided'”

“Obama calls upon China”

“Obama attacks GOP”

“Obama urges”

All these adjectives for action, motivation and emotion emerge to try and give life to his Presidency and person. The reality, apparent to anyone who cares to pay attention, is that this President is detached. Completely detached.

We have a President that dials it in.

Actors who are not trying and don’t care “dial in” their performance and collect their paycheck, frustrating fellow actors. On the national political stage, we have a President “dialing it in” during speeches and events. Teleprompters are this Presidents staple – everywhere. Barack Obama seems physically incapable of speaking without a teleprompter. The teleprompters go with him everywhere from elementary schools to universities.

While some speeches obviously need prompting, I find it strange and somewhat disturbing that a high school student can address a graduating class and speak more eloquently without a teleprompter than a President can with one and with a gaggle of the nations best speechwriters in tow. Why does this inexplicable situation exist?

He dials it in.

So this is why mainstream media copywriters describe one word “misguided” and describe it as a slam. Obama is physically and mentally unequipped to “slam” anything. It’s not in his make up.


Because he doesn’t care about anything enough to get that worked up about it.

He doesn’t “slam”, he doesn’t “attack”, he doesn’t “support”, he doesn’t urge and he doesn’t “call upon” anything.

He dials it in.

And people are beginning to notice.

The BP speech was a strategic gaffe. Prompted by his pollsters and re-election team to quell the growing concern about the BP oil spill, Obama dutifully took the task with the same measure of excitement he has about anything going on in the nation – aloof disinterest. He appears pained when he speaks. As though some aide has shoved the teleprompter in front of him and forced him to speak and read the words. He’s above speeches. It’s obvious why he voted “present” as a Senator – he couldn’t care less about anything.

It’s sort of creepy having a President of the US that is that detached from the well being of the nation and its many activities and industries. The consummate politician – he says as little as possible, speaks out of both sides of his mouth and only goes through the motions for those who hold his political fortunes in their hands. His BP speech, just like his immigration speech were dialed in – and people are getting irritated, both left and right.

The left realizes this man is not their champion and cares not a whit for their agenda. So long as they support him he will put himself out and pretend he cares – and that’s as far as it goes. For the right – he can hardly be bothered to meet with any of them at all unless his pollsters tell him he must (such as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for a photo-op) or else he further loses his ranking with some target demographic in the electorate. However his follow up is non-existent for both left and right, infuriating both the GOP which expect such and the Democrats which can’t figure out why he is “dialing it in” and thereby threatening their own political fortunes.

The latest in-depth analysis of voters indicates a deep distrust of Obama on both sides of the political spectrum, a disgust of Congress that borders on loathing, frustration in excess of anything since the great depression. As a result, the November elections look to be a sort of archetypal political reversal we see occur in the nation every fifty or sixty years. Independents are solidly aligned against Obama and his party and even many in his party are completely disaffected and see nothing good emerging from the Obama “Dial In” Presidency.

The “Dial In” President, who cares about nothing and no one besides himself, has energized the nation like no other.

Albeit – unintentionally.