Is personal responsibility dead?

While traveling through Denver, I met a fellow patriot named “Greg F” that had volunteered to support McCain/Palin over the weekend. He asked that I post this letter —

By Greg F: I am very concerned to see that America may actually be tilting its presidential support toward Barak Obama. Barak commented in the Wall Street Journal that “it takes a heavy hand of the Government to distribute wealth more equitably”. Recently he told Joe the plumber that he felt we all would do better if we “spread the wealth around”. This is not an American philosophy I grew up with. That is a philosophy espoused by Karl Marx when he popularized the phrase, *“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” *Barak Obama’s own words and policy proposals demonstrate an unabashed support for redistribution of wealth. Well, at least our wealth, as he and other distributors seem content to maintain the affluent lifestyles their resources afford them.

How do we encourage today’s youth to study hard, work hard and give back, if Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy and the like are going to confiscate the fruits of those labors? Despite some flaws, it is the capitalist system that offers the real Hope for all those willing to make the right decisions and do the good work. Before some try to suggest that free enterprise created the current mess, understand the facts. It was attempts at injecting distribution schemes and socialism into the system that brought us here.

Also, let us understand that Obama’s plans for increased corporate, capital gains and death taxes are sure to compound the burden on our economy and continue to drive jobs overseas.

Sure the path of least resistance it to vote for the politicians who steal from the successful and redistribute with the promise of the American dream on a silver platter. However, is that truly an honorable, fair or even a biblical principal? How long do you suspect that will continue before the successful get fed up and also take the path of least resistance, exhausting the sugar daddy supply. Search your conscience and your soul, making sure that true greed does not lie with those who covet and confiscate by their vote. Instead, let us all step up to the personal responsibility plate and hit a home run with our own energy and fortitude. Also, let us not simply vote for what our country will do for us but for what is truly fair, moral and right for the country. For that is how America became great and how she will remain great.

Redistribution schemes have quashed the hopes and dreams of millions while being an abject failure around the world for hundreds of years. This election let us not compound the problem but stick with the proven and just say NObama.