Illinois "NO" to "The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act"

UPDATE:  According to Illinois Review, the democrats have decided to attach gay marriage as an amendment to the automotive rental bill.

Illinois voters need to contact their Illinois State Senators and Representatives to vote NO on “The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act could be introduced by Rep. Greg Harris and Sen. Heather Steans

There is a very good article by Dennis Byrne at the Chicago Tribune called “Why not open the floodgates on marriage?

We are going to open the flood gates to a whole host of new types of marriage if we continue down this road.

But as brilliant as the public relations campaign has been to “normalize” same-sex marriage, the equality argument has some problems under closer examination. The pending Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act changes the definition of marriage as between a “man and a woman” to one “between two persons” while retaining the previous prohibitions of certain other kinds of marriage.

But, why “between two persons?” As long as we’re redefining marriage, why keep this last vestige of the medieval idea of marriage? Why not three, four or as many as the blissful spouses could tolerate? If it is a denial of equal protection of the law to prohibit any two persons of the same sex to marry, then why isn’t it also a denial of equal rights for three or more persons to marry? What is so magical about a couple, as opposed to a trio or a quartet? What’s the big deal about monogamy?

Many privileges and benefits sought by same-sex couples can be realized through domestic partnerships — something that has been enacted in Illinois. Those privileges and benefits that haven’t been realized can be addressed without legalizing gay marriage.

Why do we need to have marriage redefined if we already have domestic partnerships.  It is just another attach on the family.

If you do not know who your State Representative please call the Illinois State Board of Elections at 217-782-4141.