Palin's experience vs democrat presidential experience

My Dad, Ken sent me this, very interesting, especially since they were all democrats.

**Here is what I have found. Sara Palin is not alone in being a governor then running for president. Here are some other presidents that have similar backgrounds. Remember, these guys were running for president and not VP.Grover Cleveland, Democrat, Mayor of Buffalo, Gov of New York, President

Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, teacher before becoming Governor of New Jersey in 1910. He ran for president in 1912 and won.

Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat, asst secretary of the Navy, then Gov of New York for 3 years, then President.

John Tyler, Whig, Member House of Representatives, Gov of Virginia, President

Rutherford B. Hayes, Republican, House 2yrs, 3 terms as Gov of Ohio, President**

Why isn’t anyone talking about this! Please verify, if this is correct!