Make Me Care About Your Grandchildren

As a life-long American Conservative, I have steadfastly subscibed to Russell Kirk’s second principle of Conservatism–Continuity, even though I have no children.  What I don’t understand is how people who do have children (and grandchildren, God willing) can expect me to devote more energy to the restoral of Ordered Liberty of the Founding than most seem willing to do themselves.  I see the various arguments and counterarguments concerning how to defeat the latest statist abomination on this site, all the while finding little evidence of a willingness to swallow the bitter pill of restoral (eg, reduce the Federal government to a scale and scope consistent with strict construction of the Constitution–about 90% reduction in the budget, elimination of crypto welfare such as Social Security, Medicare, etc.).

Tell me again what your model of human nature is that would expect someone to hold your interests in higher regard than you do yourself, let alone over the other person’s interests.