2A Win: Court Rules CA Legislators Can't Hide Home Addresses

In the People’s Republic of California, Democrat Legislators have long been an enemy of the First Amendment.  Just this last week, they prevented a minority female refugee Senator from speaking out on the evils of communism, by kicking her out of a session of the Senate.  This past year, they ordered a WordPress to remove a list of addresses of legislators that had voted in favor of increase gun control in the state.

Now, U.S. Chief District Judge Lawrence O’Neill has ended that ban calling it a violation of free speech.

O’Neill had moved to halt a California law that restricts the internet publishing of home addresses or phone numbers of elected or appointed officials who feel their safety is threatened, or if the elected officials or their representatives demand that they not be published.

“At its core, plaintiffs’ speech is a form of political protest,” O’Neill wrote, giving the parties until March 10 to decide how to proceed. “The court therefore finds that the legislators’ home address and telephone number touch on matters of public concern in the context of plaintiffs’ speech.”

The suit was brought by Firearms Policy Coalition, a group dedicated to defending the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners.  FPC was defending one of their members who anonymously published a list of home addresses of legislators who had voted for a recent gun control measure.  In response, California legislators ordered their legal counsel to get the list taken down.  A legal battle ensued.  As result of the order to take down, other gun-rights supporters earned their own take down orders as they republished the removed list.  Get this… the State even went as far as to order residents of other states to comply with their order.

With the decision handed down, the State has the opportunity to appeal it to a higher court.

Of course the irony isn’t lost on us.  Just this past week, SEIU organized a protest at the home of Congressman Steve Knight to protest his commitment to repeal Obamacare.  Only problem is they showed up at the wrong house in the wrong neighborhood, as Knight and his family moved several months ago. Another do as I tell you to do, not as I do from California Democrats.