Chuck Schumer to Lauer: I Don't Agree with Anything from Trump's Speech

If Democrats getting the ultimate shellacking in November as they lost the Presidency, and were unable to secure a majority in either Chamber of Congress, wasn’t beautiful enough, watching their faces and Trump moderated himself last night to the most Presidential tone we have seen from him must have scared them!

Polling overnight showed that Trump’s speech was seen widely as positive by Americans and that his policy proposals would benefit the United States.

Well if that wasn’t enough, Charles Schumer decided to stick a few more toes in his foot filled mouth by stating on the Today Show that he couldn’t think of a single topic on which he agreed with the President.

The most shocking part is after dancing around the question the first time Matt Lauer once again pushed Senator Schumer as to naming a single point of agreement. You can hear the incredulity in Lauer’s voice which speaks volumes as to how ridiculous even Liberal Lauer thought Schumer’s answer was:

Lauer cutting off Schumer: “So in an hour you didn’t hear one thing that you can stand behind this morning?”

Schumer again backpedals and tries to deflect but answere the question later rather directly:

Schumer: “Look, I was touched by the mention of the widow of the brave soldier who died in Yemen and things like that, but no it’s hard to see any place where the President actually has done something for working people.”


I’m beginning to think that Chuckie wasn’t watching the same address we all watched.  We are also apparently supposed to judge a President on his first month in office, where the growth of the Stock Market has outpaced any other 1,000 point gain in the history of the US.  Sure, Trump has his faults, but to suggest he has done nothing for American workers is a bit of a stretch.  Even Union Bosses say he’s on the right track.

It is also pretty amazing to hear that Amy’s Uncle couldn’t think of a single topic on which he agreed with Trump. With the plethora of topics covered, apparently Shroomer doesn’t think that we need to take better care of our veterans, make healthcare more affordable, or place serious concerns with illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.  But alas, I digress…. 2018 is going to be bad for Ol’ Chuckster if he keeps this up.