McChrystal: A Letter To The President

Well, here we go again….politics standing in the way of a good war strategy. Today, the U.S. war commander in Afghanistan was called to the White House for a meeting with President Obama after an interview in which he made some unsavory comments about the Obama administration. Now, allow me to be clear in saying that the General works for the President, and it’s usually good policy for anyone not to make disparaging remarks about the boss. It just doesn’t bode well in your annual performance review.

However, not everyone works for a boss…or bosses…that are as incompetent and incapable of providing leadership as the Obama administration. The health care debate, the Mexican border issue, and the Gulf oil catastrophe are prime examples of the incompetence of this administration. So with that in mind, I’m sure that General McChrystal could have said more things that accurately describe his bosses, though he chose not to.

In lieu of the General digging his hole deeper than it already is, it has come to my attention that I may have possibly been appointed to the position of spokesperson for the General. In that regard, I thought it proper to pen a letter to the President that properly explains the General’s actions in hopes that President Obama could gain a better understanding of how a warrior such as General McChrystal thinks and operates. So, I shall pen that for him here and forward it to him to endorse and send to the President.

Dear President Obama:
Having the same regard that many other Americans had for you and my country, I voted for you in the election and was elated when you won….right up to the point that I and the rest of America figured out what we got.

While it’s understood that you inherited two wars you didn’t start and didn’t vote for, you actively sought the role of Commander in Chief of our armed forces so these two wars are now your responsibility. Pointing the finger at President Bush will not get this problem solved, rather, listening to advisers who are much better versed on such matters, will.

When you assigned me to Afghanistan, I often wondered why we as Americans are even bothering with a war in a cesspool such as this. It would seem better logic to pull out our troops then monitor enemy developments with our drones and strike appropriately, but I digress.

I requested a level of troops I needed to complete my mission and you only met half that request. Your rules of engagement that are designed to make us look better to the Muslim world you bow to only makes it harder for us to win battles, and hence win the war. The interference by your incompetent cabinet members only makes my mission that much harder to accomplish. So again, I wonder, why we as Americans are even bothering with a cesspool as big as this?

My solution for this war is to withdraw all of our brave men and women; then deploy tactical nuclear weapons to solve this problem of terrorist activities, both in the Tora Bora mountains and the Waziristan region of Pakistan. Several sorties on the same day would bring an abrupt end to this conflict and the possibility of future conflicts. The real estate damaged by radiation is of no substantive value, since you have allowed the Afghan government to sell the mineral rights on this land to China. Our boys fought and died for this real estate, and you let Hamid Karzai and his corrupt cronies sell it to China…nice going, Mr. President!

Further, while I know you will demand my resignation, I will cheerfully submit it to you, as I am tired of working for a guy who never put on a pair of combat boots or picked up a rifle. It sickens me to know that our men and women are risking their lives at the direction of a community organizer that spends more time playing golf than he does running our country. Your lack of administration experience is overshadowed only by your lack of understanding of military strategy. This was evidenced not once, but twice when you gave pull-out dates for our troops on both combat fronts.

Good luck, Mr. President. With your keen understanding of politics, I’m sure you’ll appoint some other lackey to run your war in no time. The level of competence of this newly appointed general won’t matter to you any more than the lives of our soldiers, as long as he sails your political winds. But come judgment day, the creator you fail to worship will most certainly recognize that your incompetence has cost many lives in this battle, just as it cost the lives of many of God’s creatures in the Gulf. You stand by as blood spills, you stand by as oil spills, and I’m sure you’ll stand by as your “subjects” spill into the streets, ready to deliver the removal from office you so desperately deserve.

General Stanley McChrystal

General McChrystal….would you like to borrow a stamp?