Governor Charlie Crist, Always A Liberal

VoteSmart.org is the web portal for the organization known as Project Vote Smart (PVS). PVS is comprised of a mostly volunteer force of Americans young and old, who take no money from special interest groups, and have committed themselves to providing their fellow citizens with the tools to empower themselves in the political process. They are best known for providing useful information to determine where a candidate stands on the issues that they will be representing you on before our law making bodies. 

One of the tools used to provide this information is the Political Courage Test. It’s a series of questions on issues from taxes to welfare, abortion to education, crime and health….you get the drift.   Some politicians won’t answer these questions, yet won’t supply a reasonable excuse for ducking this request. I see it as typical of some politicians to duck the issues, because most don’t have the backbone to stand firm on what and who they represent.  One of these weak-spine politicos is the ever-changing Charlie Crist. 

Charlie Crist was elected Governor in Florida in 2006. As Governor, he has several times refused to take the Political Courage Test, even when requested to by Senator John McCain and the president of PVS, Richard Kimball. This is no surprise for anyone, as he has worked hard to hide any position he might have on just about anything in the political spectrum.

However, while a Florida State Senator in 1998, he did answer SOME of the question on the Political Courage Test. Agreeing to take the Congressional test, I guess he had political ambitions other than State Senate back then.  Of course, he answered mostly those questions that were related to strong Republican talking points of the period, such as our presence in Bosnia and our role in United Nations peace-keeping missions.  However, he also answered some other questions that have sparked some curiosity in my brain.

On the issue of abortion, he DIDN’T check IN FAVOR OF  prohibiting public funding of abortions, and he DIDN’T check that ALL abortions should be illegal. So, Governor Charlie is pro-choice.

On the issue of budget and spending, Governor Charlie suggested eliminating arts funding and voted for a “slight decrease” in foreign aid. Otherwise, he voted to INCREASE spending in every other category.  A government spender…who would have known!

On the issue of the economy and employment, he DIDN’T vote in favor of eliminating federal programs designed to reduce unemployment. Those are called welfare programs. That sounds like a socialist concept to me.

On the issue of the environment, he voted IN FAVOR of imposing stricter national air quality standards.  Can you say, “Cap and Trade”?

On the issue of immigration,  Governor Charlie DIDN’T vote in favor of establishing English as the recognized language of the United States government, nor did he vote AGAINST allowing children of illegal immigrants to become naturalized citizens.

Of course, what politician wouldn’t want to lower the tax on alcohol? Governor Charlie voted to greatly decrease those taxes.  After all, a liar has to have a drink to relieve stress, doesn’t he?

Then there’s the issue of international trade. You know those trade agreements that have sent so many of our jobs over-seas and weakened our country and deteriorated our middle class?  Well, Governor Charlie says he supports the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Of course, he also supports the World Trade Organization (WTO). Imagine that! The very people that find in favor of the Chinese every time we discover the Chinese are cheating us.  I guess Charlie cares more about big business making a profit than he does about the American worker.

When it comes to welfare, Governor Charlie shows his liberal colors once again. He refused to vote IN FAVOR OF requiring that unwed teenage mothers live with a parent or guardian (if possible) and attend school to receive benefits. So I guess he thinks it’s OK for unwed mothers to drop out of school and stay on welfare their entire lives. I guess we should expect that from someone who has spent his entire life living on the public dole, bouncing from one elected position to the next.

All of the commotion about Governor Charlie switching parties was based on the unexpected decision to do this. Governor Charlie was behind in the polls, and his only hope was to dance around a primary election he was sure to lose.  So, the Republican Party made a show of calling Governor Charlie a traitor and a turncoat.  I find that amusing, because it appears….at least since 1998….that Charlie was well on his way to becoming the shining star of liberals everywhere, but nobody bothered to notice.