What Republicans Should Be Saying About Obamacare

In light of Charles Krauthammer’s suggestion that House Republicans don’t defund Obamacare in the 112th Congress, I give you what I believe Republicans SHOULD be saying:

“We were elected because Americans did NOT want a radical change in the relationship between the citizen and its government. We were elected because they did NOT want this European-styled government rationing of care. We were elected to reverse the damage this wealth-redistributing, job-destroying administration did in its first two years in office. And now that we’re here, this is what we are going to do:

We are going to kill Obamacare dead. DEAD. There will be no half-measures, fan-dancing, or piecemeal deal-making. We are going to vote to repeal it. When the Senate blocks us, we’ll make sure you know the names of every single person in both houses who are standing for this tyrannical, top-down monstrosity, and we will use every resource in our arsenal to defeat them.

THEN, when it comes time for us to fund the government, we will block every single Obamacare provision. This program will STARVE. Because it is our duty as freedom-loving representatives of the American people to ensure that this damaging, freedom-destroying, UNCONSTITUTIONAL law never sees the light of day.

And I, as your representative, will make it my life’s work to beat this drum until national health-care rationing becomes a thing of the past.

THEN, we’re coming after the administrative state and the public-sector unions. But we’ll get to that later.

For now, Kill Obamacare DEAD. DEAD!

I like the sound of this much better than “Let’s repeal the law and then put half of it back.” which is how I see repeal and replace.

Just food for thought.