It's Time To Unite

Primary season is over.

The ever-broadening and growing conservative base had some long and contentious conversations during the last few months.  Those conversations became a bit louder and more contentious in the fortnight leading up to the Delaware Senate Primary. Conservative publications like the Weekly Standard and National Review backed Mike Castle, while the American Spectator and the Tea Party Express, Mark Levin (and, later, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh) backed Christine O’Donnell.

Tempers tended to flare, and the attacks were at times pretty vicious. But the conversations we were having were necessary. To put it plainly (and a bit obviously) that’s what primaries are for.

But that’s over. We conservatives who supported Christine should resist the impulse of dancing over Mike Castle’s political grave (no matter how sore a loser he might be.) Conservatives who, mostly thinking pragmatically, backed Castle should be saluted as patriots and welcomed into the fold as we focus on defeating the Democrats in just a few short weeks.

Because we need conservatives on both sides of the battle to get every single conservative vote to the polls come November 2.

It’s time for our party and our movement to unite behind the winners and tirelessly work toward the goal of winning the general election. We must do this.

Our country and our children’s futures depend on it.

“Conservative in the primary. Republican in the general.”

It’s time to unite.