When Does It End?

The health care debate has been going on in America for over a year. Both houses of Congress (led by the most liberal of Democrats) have been haggling and twisting arms and shutting out the opposition for 12 long, arduous, mostly depressing months.

In this endless process, they have spent virtually all of their political capital on one single issue.

Unfortunately, that issue involves the federal government taking control of 1/6 of the entire United States economy. The current plan (and it IS now Barack Obama’s plan) extends the tentacles of the ever-increasing federal bureaucracy and, if passed, will forever change the relationship between the American citizen and its government.

Why? Because if the government controls people’s access to medicine, how can citizens ever speak out against it without fearing medicinal retaliation? (“Are you SURE you want to protest this new law? I’d HATE for your mom to lose her chance at a lung transplant, so maybe you better just stay quiet…”)

Because of the fundamental change I just described and many other reasons (including abortion funding and the unconstitutional requirement that every American purchase a government-approved health insurance policy) most Americans (between 60 percent and 75 percent, depending on the poll) oppose this measure.

But Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are still trying to force this plan through. (And, according to Brian Darling’s post, they are trying to do it without a final vote.

Why would politicians who serve at the public’s pleasure do something the public so loudly opposes? Because Obama cares more about his ideology than he does about the future of his Presidency.

As he stated in January of 2009, he’d rather be a one term President who transformed the nation than a two term President who had a Clintonian deal-making legacy. (I’m paraphrasing.)

He and his minions care more about extending the tentacles of government, of regulating every aspect of our lives, than anything else. In order to have this belief system, I believe he must despise us and despise our society.

And I’m sick of him and his party. Because even if we gave him EVERYTHING he wanted, even if we went to a single payer system, even if we regulated energy to the point where we all either froze or melted, even if we gave him and his PIGLIKE, EVER EXPANDING SOW OF A BUREAUCRACY everything their (small) hearts desired, in a few weeks they’d come back for more.

WHERE is this going to end, liberals? At what point are people still going to be free? When will you jackasses leave us alone?

And while you’re pondering the answer to that question, we are going to vote you out in November in a landslide of BIBLICAL proportions.

I’m not angry. I’m motivated. And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that these anti-freedom statists lose power.

We freedom-loving people have no choice but to fight.

(cross-posted to Today’s Asbestos.