A word on "Jon and Kate" and what it means for our culture.

The beleaguered stars of TLC show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” are making an announcement on tomorrow night’s show.

Whatever will it be?  That Jon is getting hair plugs?  That Kate is going to Control Freak school?

I don’t know, but is it the world’s healthiest thing for your marriage to raise your eight children in front of a national television audience?

Don’t get me wrong.  I blame most of the craziness involving these folks on the suckerfish of the news media, the exploiters in the paparazzi and the corporate nitwits who pay them.  (I’m looking at YOU, US Weekly, People, and all your cheap facsimiles we see at the grocery store.)  From what I’ve observed, the Gosselins are good people who took an opportunity from CBS and ran with it.  As a result, all eight of their delightful children will be able to go to college and have opportunities 99 percent of kids don’t get.  That’s fantastic for them.

I’m sure the parents, looking back, probably would have done a few things differently.  Unfortunately, both of them are now under the halogen lamps of the 24 hour news cycle, so the simple act of spanking one of their kids for being disobedient has now become national news.  (And come on, people…the very fact that the spanking of one’s child has become a story covered by ABC News is illustrative of how seriously MESSED UP we have become as a society, but that’s another blog.)

So what is a right-thinking person to do?  By watching tonight, are we feeding the beast that is media exploitation of a family?  Are the Gosselins part of the problem, or is this just the unforeseen backlash that can occur when one puts their family in the public eye?

I don’t have an answer, but I thought it would be good to ask the questions.  We’ll watch.  We always watch.

But I think we should pray for everyone involved before we do.