The Washington Times Spells Out The Obvious, and a word on NC-Gov and LT Gov.

In which the Washington Times introduces us to the obvious.

I’m not saying that McCain’s is perfect. McCain’s plan just isn’t Marxist. His child credit doubling is fine, but it doesn’t come close to what I’d do, which is replace all IRS computers with 1981 TRS-80s that only play hangman.

At any rate, Obama’s distorting the picture. For MANY people who currently pay no federal income taxes, Barack’s going to send them free money paid for by someone else.

In my neighborhood, we call that income redistribution. Taking it a step further, it’s socialism.

I know many of you don’t love John McCain, and he frustrates me too. Even so, we must drag him across the finish line (like Rush and Levin have been saying) to prevent an Obama presidency.

Here in North Carolina, we’re finally seeing the state GOP hit Walter Dalton hard in the Lieutenant Governor race (Bob Pittenger is our candidate in that one, and he seems to be fighting hard), and Pat McCrory is putting up a strong challenge against the heavily-favored incumbent Lieutenant Governor, Bev Perdue, who’s running for the top spot with Mike Easley term limited.
Rasmussen has McCrory up by 5.”>

So that’s something.