Obamacare’s Increasing Cost

From my “I am Directly Involved” files:

An employee of a company I know Had her employer funded healthcare ended in October of 2013, as expected. At that time she and her husband(same company) filled out everything for Obamacare like 1 or 2 million other people(out of 310 million Citizens). Today they are still waiting to have any confirmation of care. That’s not the real problem, though. Imagine that; a lack of coverage, or even knowing if you have coverage, is not the problem within this mess. The real problem is bigger: They couldn’t afford it to start with but figured they would muddle through and pay it all somehow. Their expense went from basically “free” employer provided care, with a $2000 deductible and small copay, to $243 a month for a basic plan with a 5k deductible and a 10k(ish) copay.

Remember, folks, all these policies died because they (supposedly) were “inferior” to those coming from Obamacare.

But that’s still not the REAL problem. The real problem is that by the end of December their estimated payment had risen to $550 a month.

By Monday that payment was at $957.

These are not political people. These are not even “apolitical” people. These are completely politically naive people who don’t even vote. They drive a random midsize car and an old truck. They don’t own guns. They don’t haunt blogs and they don’t do protests. In other words, they have no agenda here. This is just the reporting by them of what they are experiencing. They have no partisan axe to grind.


Did I mention they are becoming less “apolitical”?

Today the company rep who is tasked with trying to help people transition to this new…system…got them a premium of $450…by utilizing their tax refund to pay part of the first couple months and finding more subsidy help. OK, well, that’s better. Wait…did I not tell you? That’s for HIM. Doesn’t include her. Or the kids. So at this point they may have secured a policy(they still have no actual policy or confirmation of a policy) for him that leaves them over a hundred dollars a week poorer. With less coverage. For a short few months using the tax refund that would have paid their spring property tax installment and worst winter utility bill. After that they are screwed again. So why is this increasingly common discovery happening now? Why is there yet one more landmine going off within Obamacare?

Because the young and healthy are not signing up for this boondoggle and that is driving up the rates. Of the tiny percentage of the population actually willing to provide their information to the unsecured and dysfunctional presidential website the majority are middle age and older. Less than healthy to downright desperately ill. In other words, the people who are the maximum potential drain and who will contribute the fewest dollars. Insurers who are already not being paid and are being bullied into providing policies that cover everything regardless of potential liability see the writing on the wall. Not only are they hiking rates to cover the lack of viable enrollees but, at this point, they are almost certainly hoping to kill further enrollment entirely. There’s no recovering from this, financially. The scales have already tipped too far and the 0bama Regime has clearly shown they can not propagandize anywhere near enough people of the desired age range to sign up.

The only hope of even getting near a point that does not break insurers in the short term is to take every penny possible from those who have signed up and hope that either the Repubs grow a spine and kill this beat…or that the Democrats hurry up and do what they planned all along. What might that be, you ask? These victims, both people and corporations, are going to be begging for mercy soon and the Left knew it. Everybody knew it. Conservatives were shouting it from the rooftops for years. “Soon” is almost here and the ready answer for the created “crisis” is Single Payer. It’ll be openly on the table very shortly and the victims will be begging for it. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t that many, there are enough to be used by the left to further the goal.

If you were watching your rates increase monthly to more than your house payment and you didn’t even yet have any actual coverage wouldn’t you be screaming for relief?

You have checked your rates recently, haven’t you? I don’t hear some of you screaming so apparently you have not.

The rest of us? Those who refused to sign up at all? We’re going to get dragged in without choice at that point because real socialized medicine doesn’t give you any options at all. least of all not participating. Just the way leftists like it and 0bama planned it all along. And you thought they didn’t see this coming, right? The only people who didn’t see it coming was most of the US Citizenry. Welcome to the Change.

The only “upside” of all this would be that decrease of political naivete I mentioned above. 0bama and his Regressive Left are creating a whole new group of voters. That Regressive Left should be damn worried about that, too.

Scott Conklin

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