What is with these people???

Seriously, is it just me or is everyone else appalled at the complete lack of quality of what gets foisted upon us for national office?  These people can’t debate.  They can’t offer reasonable plans.  They can’t take a stand and stick to it.  They can’t keep their pants on.  They can’t avoid putting their feet in their mouths up to the knee.  Granted, one or the other may be able to manage avoiding a couple of these pitfalls but they’ll walk face first into another.  I know people like this in real life.  I understand nobody is perfect.  But none of the successful people I know regularly makes these kinds of mistakes under pressure.  They aren’t carting a thousand pounds of baggage with them, either.  Part of the reason they are successful is because they did not personally self destruct at the first hint of accomplishment.

More, they know who the enemy is, why he’s their enemy and to at least be prepared for what such an enemy will do.  They have appropriate rebuttals.  And if money grubbers say nasty and unsupportable things they step on those gold-diggers with lawyers and evidence and a history of personal integrity.  They don’t fumble around with inconsistencies while playing CYA.  But then they’ve never put themselves in a position for such claims to gain traction in the first place.  In short I, and I am certain you, too, know a better grade of people than what we keep seeing put up by the Establishment as “leaders”.  If these people can’t lead their campaigns through the mine field of leftist extremists(by definition the Democrat Party) and the salivating Drive By Media how the hell are they supposed to lead a nation?  Let alone lead it back from the brink it’s been taken to by the incompetent US-Hater currently soiling the White House?

Most important, perhaps, would be why does the “Party Elite” keep offering these losers?

Because of this proclivity for finding the worst among us the Republican Party is once again in the process of snatching defeat from the jaws of certain victory.  The upcoming presidential election is already a wash for conservatives.  The best we can do is replace Obama with a warm body which is, admittedly, a step up.  But we could have had more.  We should have had more.  This nation is full of successful, honorable, intelligent, constitutionally well versed men and women who could hold the office with dignity.  Instead we get the usual cadre of politicians and lawyers and poseurs who make easy pickings for the enemy and its smear machine.  Why?  Is the Old Guard Republican Party that outright stupid?  Do they have a reason to want to lose?  Is it that important to them to barely hang on by appealing to a non-existent segment the media euphemistically calls “Moderates”?  I don’t know, but I do know we can’t keep this up, swapping between the high-speed-rail to hell(the Socialist Democrat Party) and the diesel freight train to hell.

Unfortunately it’s too late for this time around barring some kind of miracle.  We’re going to get a flip-flopper with baggage for a president.  Or we’ll get Obama II which this nation simply can’t endure for another 4 years.  So finally I find myself on the ABO bandwagon, even if that means Mittens Romney.  But in being reduced to this once again we have got to do damage control.  That means it’s time to let this presidential circus come to it’s eventual absurd conclusion while we pursue getting the most conservative House and Senate we can.  We can not allow the Dems to hold the Senate.  We can not allow them remain meaningful in the House.  And we can not settle for “electability” in our congressional candidates.  We’ve got to set a higher standard there and we’ve got to pack CONgress with decent conservatives who will steer a Romney or Newt and totally block Obama if he wins again.

Otherwise we are going to see the end of this Republic this time around.  What comes after may still be called the US but it won’t be anything the Founders, or even our grandparents, would recognize as a free nation of liberty and individualism.  This is the election that decides between Republic and banana republic and we’re already stuck with the rear guard option.  So get busy, it’s later than you think.