This is What ( Not A Republic) Democracy Looks Like….

October 11, 2011 | Author Retro |

The Occupy protests are being equated by the always-biased liberal media as analogous to the Tea Party protests. This argument is being used to obfuscate their extreme negative features with the old tried and true “he did it too” routine. Every parent and schoolteacher in the world is familiar with this juvenile tactic and to pull it out now is just embarrassing. But what else is new with the hypocritical elites in both media and government?

Any logical comparison of the two movements will force any fair person to conclude they are vastly different. Of course, when has the media or any Democrat in government been burdened with ACTUAL concern for “fairness”?? First of all, the fact that both are fairly large movements with demands for change is about all the two phenomena actually share. And the media immediately betrays its lack of “fairness” because it denigrated the Tea Party movement from the get-go while supporting sympathetically the Occupy movement. Why might that have been? Let’s just compare and contrast the two groups and see if we might get a clue, as if we don’t already have one:

First, the Tea Party movement arose totally spontaneously as a vast outpouring of frustration among middle class working people, older traditionalists and many younger people who were disturbed as they saw the traditional values with which they were raised eroding for their children and also worried about their financial future. Most of the people who joined in with the Tea Party movement in some fashion had never been involved with politics other than voting or supporting a few local candidates and certainly not with “protesting”.

I am a typical example- I’m 68, a small business owner with my husband, raised 3 kids, traditional values kind of people but not any kind of religious “extreme” in any way, and conservative on fiscal issues. As I watched my country erode in all these areas with alarm, the first Tea Party event was going to happen on my small town square. I got a wooden stake out of the garage, a couple of pieces of poster board and a roll of duct tape and made me a sign. One side said “Cut Government Spending”. The other had a picture of the Come and Take It cannon from Texas history and said “ My Ancestor Was There and I’m Here”, which is true. I wanted my sign to symbolize that my ancestors also stood up against tyranny and helped give us the rights we were now exercising on this town square.

I’d never been to a protest in my life. I drove to the town square- my husband was working and couldn’t go- parked the car and walked over to join hundreds of people already there. A couple of young guys with Audit the Fed signs were standing around and I asked them “what am I supposed to do, smoke dope or something?” and they all laughed. So did the nearby cops. I attended a number of Tea Party events after that. Nobody was “racist”. Nobody was “violent”. The cops were, if anything, sympathetic to the cause., but always very professional, and you could tell it was an easy gig for them.

There were all kinds of people there- several young women with kids told me at every event I attended “ I never cared about politics before, but had to get involved for my kids’ sakes.” Many people brought kids. One young couple I saw, at least, were white parents with a black kid. There were all races at every one I attended. Some of the most effective speakers at each were black.

The media excoriated us- as did the liberal politicians- we were called “racists”, “terrorists”, etc.etc.etc. I forget all the pejoratives, oh, and the really funny part was the “Astroturf” label. Funny, I am still waiting for that check from the “Koch Brothers’, who I never heard of until this stuff started. It was a VERY DIFFERENT reaction from Nancy Pelosi’s lauding of the present protests, which have been replete with violence and arrests, to her tearful, quavering indictment of the Tea Party protests as they dared to wave their American flags aggressively with small children sitting on their shoulders, prayed, and meticulously cleaned up the trash before leaving their protest site half a million strong with no arrests.

The current protests are orchestrated and coordinated by numerous Soros-backed liberal groups and protesters unable to articulate why they are there, and in some cases, paid to be there. EVERY Tea Partier can articulate their simple demands of less government spending, smaller government and, novel idea, adhering to the country’s founding document, the US Constitution. Compare and contrast. The Tea Party wants the proven successful system of capitalism to be allowed to work, while the Occupy people want to throw it out and institute the proven failed policies of socialism/Marxism, if they can articulate any policy at all.

The current protests are violent, law breaking, replete with arrests, destructive of property, and even symbolized by the grossly crude picture of a protestor defecating on a police car. The Tea Party protests had NO violence except from leftists, no arrests although much larger and more widespread crowds, and rather than trashing the venues, carefully picked up their own trash. Occupy protesters are costing the cities money everywhere they go in excess security and cleaning services, while the Tea Party left their place cleaner than they found it and caused the local law enforcement authorities no danger to themselves or others. Yet, the media criticized the Tea Party while praising the violent, trash-creating, communist endorsing, Astroturfed, anti-Semitic, Occupy forces.

Go figger.

The media and government elites tried to ignore the Tea Party, and when they could no longer do so, they lied about us, called us names, accused us of things we never intended, never did, and never would do. By contrast they gave reams of undeserved positive publicity to the Occupy people, lied about THEM positively and covered up their astroturfed origins, and are ignoring the things they intend, are doing, and plan to do. The Tea Party wants to lift up the individual by reducing spending, taxing and government, and promotes individual opportunity and freedom.

The Occupy people cannot even speak as individuals, parroting in unison the “leaders” with their weird chants, they want to demonize successful individuals, spend “other people’s money” forcefully confiscated by government, tear down the very system that made our country the greatest in the world, and limit opportunity and freedom. They laud “democracy” and mob rule while ignoring the fact that our Constitution established a Republic for the very reason that “democratic” mob rule ends up repressing the individual, not freeing him or her. No thanks. Give me tea and freedom, not Soros’ bitter koolaid. And will somebody PLEASE teach these children some history before it is too late?

Reprinted with Permission by Retro at www.tyrannyslain.com