Nominate a conservative, dammit!

Nominate a conservative, dammit!

The time has passed for appeasement.  The time has passed to “just get elected”.  The time has passed to worry more about putting an (R) in front of the name than putting Respect for the Constitution in front of all else.  This is not the time for “Anybody but Obama”.  This is the time to be ideologically rigid.  It is the time to take a stand.  Draw your line in the sand.  State your beliefs and vote them!  Let the chips fall where they may, because otherwise we simply continue the downward spiral of leftism that is consuming our nation financially and morally.  It may be a slower spiral with a Mittens or a Rudy or even a Christie, but a leftward spiral it is.  We’ve reached the maximum expense in that spiral that we can afford, no matter who is in office.

But, but, but, but…I hear the appeasers and part faithful say.   We have to start some where.  Turn the tide.  Stem the flow.  Reign in the left.  We have to stop those extremists…

NO!  We have to BE the extremists.  Never mind the half-baked illogic of the left.  No matter how much they cry that everything right of where ever they have staked a claim is “extreme” the fact is anything that defies the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the extreme position.  THEY are the extremists.  Obama.  Hillary. Chrissy Mathews and every cursed RINO out there.  The extremists are by definition the left.  Constitutional conservatives are the mainstream in a Constitutional Republic, which the US is.  It’s time to remember this and take back OUR ground.  It’s time to step up and remember we are the rational ones and to nominate a person who represents constitutional rationality.   It’s time to light a fire and let it burn and take whatever the results may be.  Even if those results are a nation which re-elects the Traitor-in-Chief; Obama.

Yes, I said it.  Scorched earth.  The White House, the Senate, even the House.  We have got to take a stand that says “No more”.  No more lefty agenda.  No more tax hikes hidden behind a “progressive rate”.  No more bailouts.  No more confiscation of investor’s property as with GM.  No more under-the-radar gun control.  No more murders like Fast & Furious.  Nominate and vote for those who support small constitutional government and let the chips fall where they may.  If that means the voters of this nation are so far gone in their desperate need for the handouts of your tax dollars via fedgov then so be it!  Let the entire corrupt mess collapse under its own fetid weight and then be the people who pick up the pieces.

Because guess what?  You’re going to be those people anyway.  The only difference is whether you slow it down a bit or let it run wild.  The major consideration there is the longer it gets to go on the worse it will get and the tougher to put it all back together afterwards.

Obama is going to kill this nation.  It’s what he wants to do.  it’s what he was selected to do.  Thing is, Mittens will do the same.  Maybe via mere incompetence.  Maybe out of a desire to make the left like him.  Either way the result will be the same.  And in the process the left will never like him, or you, because the left is comprised of two groups:  Those with a clear agenda and those too stupid to care about anything but their demands and their hate.  You can’t make people like that into your friends.  More important, you can’t make them into friends of your nation.  They don’t like you, your ideals, your traditions or your Rule of Law.  Some were taught not to, some are too petty and the rest are too stupid.  So STOP IT!.  Stop trying to find people who will “cross the aisle” and instead choose people who will take a stand.  Pick them.  Support them.  Back them.  Fund them.  VOTE for them.  And then be prepared to reap the consequences of your actions, succeed or fail.  Because either way it can’t be worse than where we are now or where we will be in 4 or 8 years with an Obama or a Mittens or a Huntsman.

This really is your last chance to take back YOUR US from them.  The lefties who have usurped it.  The Illegals who have invaded it.  The terrorists who want to kill it.  Pick the Right candidates and stand up for what you believe, not who might have the best shot at being elected according to the latest biased polls.  Make your choices and make your mark on history as you want it to be, because make a mark you will…one way or another.