Breaking: AttackWatch.com is a Threat Site

Just ask your AVG antivirus if you try and register a site as I did with ours(just for yucks). It’ll let you know with a big red Threat! pop-up and in your vault you’ll find Trojan horse Generic24.BJOU

Your president is trying to backdoor everyone who turns in their neighbors! Is that not Big Brother at it’s best or WHAT!?

More to come…

UPDATE 6:00PM: The claim is that someone hacked into the site and attached a Trojan in an effort to “discredit” the site.  Now dispensing with the obvious, that the site completely discredits both itself and Obama, does this smell like diversion to anyone else?  Those Evil Right Wing Conspiracy Tea Partiers did it!   They are trying to make the poor president look bad(as if he needs help).

We’ll keep you posted and remember, you heard it here first!  :P

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