An Open Letter to Mr Biden, by Retro

Dear Mr. Vice-President:

I am a 68-year old grandmother and small business owner who identifies strongly with the values of the tea party. I am in favor of smaller government, lower taxes and the federal government getting its debt under control and spending no more than it takes in.

I have spent my life working hard for the money you and the rest of the government spend. May I remind you- YOU work for me, and the money you spend was once mine, that I earned, sometimes standing on my feet many hours a day in some pain. To ask you and your fellow Democrats to respect me, your employer, and spend my money wisely is *not* “terrorism”.

I am not a terrorist. I am, however, a holy terror, and you have PISSED ME OFF. I am fed up with being disrespected and called sexually exlicit names like “teabagger”, a term I was unfamiliar with as a decent lady until you and your supporters began to use it in regular public written and spoken discourse.

I am fed up with being called a “racist” for demanding fiscal responsibility on the part of you and your fellow Democrats who decide how much of my money you will confiscate for your own use. I am fed up with the people who supposedly work for me working against me and my best interests as a small business owner.

I am fed up with the government interfering in my business, by faith, my grandkids’ education, my pocketbook, my health, and my very life. I am fed up with regulations infringing upon my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness you and your fellow Democrats constantly impose.

I am insulted and incensed, but I am NOT a terrorist. I am a patriotic sixth generation Texas patriot and I am fed up with the REAL terror you and your fellow Democrats have imposed on my life. I am in terror your profligate spending will ruin my life and that of my kids and grandkids, ruin my business, ruin my chance to someday retire before i die and ruin my country. I am in terror your weak foreign policy will put us in worse danger of attack by the real terrorists you refuse to name while accusing little grandmothers like me of being one.

I am in terror the proven biased news media and your propaganda arms bought and paid for by George Soros, your socialist supporter, will con enough people into electing you and your ilk again to further ruin my country.

I know a real terrorist when I see one, Mr. Vice-President, and I am not it- I’m just a holy terror, independent American and I call you out for what you have proven yourself to be- a fool, and tool of the real terror hurting my country. I just hope enough of my fellow tea party “terrors” will be able to save my country when we get a chance in the next election to prove how we as Americans respond to demagogues, and resoundingly tell you and your fellow Democrats and any Republicans aiding and abetting this terror- “you’re fired!!”


Reprinted from www.tyrannyslain.com and www.libertydwells.com