The Obama Credibility Gap

The Obama Credibility Gap
By Scott Conklin April 22, 2011

At the end of the Reign of Bush came a man the youth of the US flocked to. He preached a message of Hope and Change, though to about half the nation he seemed a bit vague on what change he was hoping for. Though to a few voices in the wilderness it seemed obvious. As usual, they were called cranks and extremists. And Haters, which is the modern catchall for when you don’t like what someone is saying, but lack a credible rebuttal. “Dude, I don’t like that music” “Don’t be Hatin’, mang!”

“Dude, I don’t like what he’s implying about who we are and what we love” “Don’t be hatin’…racist…”

But Obama, that man of Hopeful Change got a pass on Hatin’ when he talked about those true to their faith and Rights. It took a while to sink in but that’s what it meant in politican-eze: Dismissing faith, stability and the freedom to back it up as a fringe throwback to a failed past, to be replaced with a new red-colored vision, was the first big, flaming crack in the gap between Obama and the United States Citizenry. At least it was the one some of us most noticed.

Then the economy began to tank and Obama, the Senator who seldom seemed able to work up conviction for a vote, raced back to DC, pursued by the carefully chosen loser-to-be whose time had finally come ’round(much like some rough beast, but we won’t go there). They needed to handle this dire economic crisis. But none of them seemed able to mention which party had total control for the prior two years. It wasn’t Bush, though he failed to note it. It wasn’t McCain, though he failed to appear certain even where he was. Nor would the media. It was the Democrat Party, but they weren’t taking any blame.

More, it was Senator Obama himself, who sat in the Congress. And so all the ducks came home to roost after decades of leftist demanded and instituted spending sprees, robbery of Social Security Peter to pay Welfare Paul, and manipulation of the free market in general and especially banks and lending. All those no doc, ARM, 120% LTV mortgages the left demanded the banks create to “help” the “under-privileged” starting in the early 90’s? All that, even as Bawney Fwank cried how nothing was wrong with the industry, and more came home to roost on the Dems Watch. Because money is spent by the House and Senate, not a lame duck POTUS. And because policies enacted 15 years before are as likely to blow up as any new ones. Much of it roosted on the narrow shoulders of the man who Would Be King. The man who backed the first round of bailouts while harping against tax cuts that are for the rich only in the minds of the leftist elites, and the union thugs he serves.

The credibility gap widened, at least to those who were still willing to see. Obama and his Regime in Waiting drifted a little further out there, but people still wanted change. Now more than ever in fact. Someone to deal with the evil bankers and the evil lenders and the evil home-foreclosing Suits. Not to mention $3.50 a gallon gas that must surely be due to Bush being an “oil man”. After all, it was all the fault of George because the media couldn’t seem to be bothered to mention he wasn’t in charge any more. Since 2006 he was, like any lame duck without a CONgress to back him up, just a powerless figurehead. His only power would have been to speak the truth…and George once more remained mute.

And so Obama rode the wave of distress, promising to get us out of two wars, hike taxes on the evil rich and remake the US in his vision. Including a socialized medicare scam that even Hillary noted clearly was designed to fail. He’d bring down energy costs, even though his people openly said they wanted to see European prices on fuel to help force their green agenda. And The One promised to get us up to speed on the now discredited(to all but AlGore) scam of “Global Warming”. Clean coal. Hybrids Get us off the Middle Eastern tit… And get us back in the good graces of the world by what became the most embarrassing fiasco of diplomacy in our nations history: The World Apology Tour.

It’s tough at this point to even call the difference between Obama the candidate, Obama the White House Lesse and the voters a “gap” The man was already at a chasm, but too partisan and self-absorbed to know it.

And in 20011 we see that he has not only failed on everything he said, he never even meant it. His version of Change Hoped for elimination of drilling, using a convenient crisis to do it. Wars? Let’s get into another one, even as all these years later he continues to “blame it on Bush”. Fix the economy? Pump out trillions more of worthless paper in QE1 and QE2…but leave the Bush tax cuts in place. Jack Wall Street up by injecting massive cash into it via outright bribery called Stimulus, but keep talking about how we must get Wall Street under control.
Apparently control means keeping the market jacked up by getting ready for more fiat currency after QE2 ends.
And so the gap widens. Now we are seeing the unions rise to claim what they assume is their place in an administration the assume they own, and Obama shuffles to meet their demands. Now he begins the war on our 2nd Amendment as he tries to duck from Operation Gun Walker, while gas climbs to $4 a gallon, the government tells Boeing what it can and can’t do and as GM has lied about their payoff of free tax dollars while the lower class struggle to find a car after “Cash for Clunkers wrecked the market…and lenders tightened up too much to give them money for an over-priced(thx to said market meddling) used car. So Obama’s response? “Buy a new car!” completely oblivious to how the support of young America is crumbling under his feet and not enough Illegal Aliens are flowing in to shore it back up.

The credibility gap, between what he said, what he has done, where we were and where we are…and where we are heading, has grown to a point that has probably never existed for any president in history except, maybe, Jimmy Carter.

Our nation totters on the edge of true collapse while the Emperor golfs and the Middle East burns. But he initiates his re-election campaign on a premise that said re-election is pre-ordained because he has saved us from how bad it “could have been”. He misses the gap between there, even if true, and how bad it’s going to be if we don’t get rid of every vestige of his Hoped for Change. He talks about debt ceilings in the face of the need for spending decimation(not merely reduction). and complains about conservatives finally beginning to demand he recognize where we are and what a sorry state it is. He can’t allow himself to recognize it, though, because then he’d have to recognize the gap himself.

The gap between what a president is and what Obama has shown himself to be.

That is the credibility gap in microcosm that the Citizens of this nation can’t make themselves ignore any longer.
If we’re lucky, and if God still has a plan for this nation, it is what will see this barely adequate community “organizer” sent back to his world of race baiting and thuggery in the Chicago that is more his speed. At which point maybe the rest of us can stop. Stop this headlong rush off the leftist cliff his actions have put us on in spite of the words he mouthed.

If we fail and he wins a second term the credibility gap will remain. But only the scholars dissecting our demise will be able to figure out how we failed to stop this madman in time. Even then, it may be too wide for even the view of time to see across and understand what has happened to US.