On the Anniversary of SB1070

Immigration Facts for Lefties

Let’s just start by defining some simple parameters regarding the immigration issue in general and SB1070 in particular. First off are some questions: Are all Hispanics bigots in the opinion of the left? Second, are all Hispanics felons? Last, does SB1070 do anything new?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that even the lefty answers are predictable here; No, no, and yes. See, that poses a problem for the left in this “argument”. It effectively means there is no argument. What passes for debate is nothing more or less than race baiting and misrepresentation.

The reason for the questions is to establish exactly what we are talking about. First, we are not talking about immigrants. We are not talking about the opinion of only whites. We are talking about the prevailing opinion(yes, the majority, whether you like that or not) of US Citizens regarding illegal and eventually felonious invaders. The subject is US Citizens of all races regarding Illegal aliens of all races.

So the race card and bigot label no longer fly. They don’t fly with me and they don’t fly with ever more people daily. We’re just not buying it anymore just as the Race Card has also been maxed out. You can toss them around but the only thing it gets you is dismissal. Automatic and off the cuff dismissal by everyone who isn’t playing the same cards for the same reasons. That would be most of the nation, by the way.

Nobody is interested in having that debate any longer because it is nothing but a manufactured distraction from the issue. And a painfully transparent one at that. US Citizens, their color and creed not at issue except among those with an agenda, want these people to obey the laws or reap the consequences for not doing so. Those who have not obeyed the law need to go, and a state law modeled on federal law is one way to do it.

The only reason to oppose it is either you’ve got a Libertarian Open Borders slant to you, which is naive on so many levels, or you have a Dem Partisan hope of padding elections with a theoretically built in voter base. One that, despite a few claims to the contrary, is large enough to influence any race in the western half of the US. While the former might have some logic behind it if not for the massive Welfare State that draws in these Illegals, the latter is partisan thuggery at, almost, its lowest.

Otherwise? They are criminals and the US has immigration laws. Not even particularly onerous ones at that, which Citizens want enforced. Especially those Citizens of various races including Hispanic who got here by following those rules. It’s not complex and it doesn’t involve race. If it temporarily produces an economic issue in some areas, of which there is nothing but noisy anecdotal evidence from at least nominally pro-illegal sources, then that’s the price to be paid for failing to handle the problem for decades.

No rational person ever expected it would be fixed over night and without hardship somewhere to somebody. No problem this large and this old can be, but that is not a reason to not do it. There is no reason to not do it, except the foolish or the partisan one. Bigotry exists only in the minds of those guilty of one or the other.

Finally there is the law itself. It’s linked above but I’ll link SB1070 one more time. Leftists seem to have a problem with reading legislation before they comment, or vote, on it. What IS this law? It’s federal law given to a state by the state because of the miserable failure of the feds to enforce their law. There’s nothing new in it and the only thing new likely to come from it is enforcement of immigration law. In other words, Illegal Aliens go to jail. What a concept!

So what’s it not going to do? It’s not going to create a “your papers please” nation. It’s not going to target Canadians or create a police state(much as that would well serve the purposes of the Obastard Regime). Cops aren’t going to be pulling over cars for random stops because you’re eating a burrito. No unmarked units will be sitting up the block from Taco Bell like a bar on a Friday night, or the Chinese restaurant or NAACP local office, either(though considering the Panthers and the recent Tea Party-bashing maybe the latter needs it).

Despite the fear mongering of the left none of these things are going to happen. It’s not even going to get all the illegal aliens, either arrested or even driven out. But it is a tool to get, and keep, some of the more egregious offenders when they get pulled over and are drunk, unlicensed, uninsured, or caught after a robbery…or murder. Get them, keep them and prosecute them as opposed to the revolving door policy in place right now under federal “control”.

So where does this leave the left? It’s not about race and it’s not about making a police state and the only people who don’t support it are those who stand to lose something if it passes. Like, say, their free economic or political ride. In light of this it’s no wonder the left is screeching so shrilly. For the Citizens of the United States there simply is no downside and that doesn’t fit with current Democrat Party policy.

Originally posted at TyrannySlain 07/19/10